For all who want to earn a degree from online law school this is not easy but it is possible. Earning of such kind of degree poses several unique challenges. No online school is accredited by the American Bar Association. Forty – nine states, however, require that law schools graduates earn a degree which is accredited by ABA in order to take the bar exam needed to practice law. One of the states that allows graduates from distance learning law schools to sit for their bar, assuming the examinees meat certain requirements, is California. So if you live in this state or if you are willing to relocate you may be able to become a practicing lawyer with an online law degree. After you work as a lawyer for a few years then it may be possible to practice your profession in some other states. In order to take the California bar all the students must meet certain requirements. They are set by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. The number of the basic steps if you want to become full – fledged lawyer is seven. In the next text some information about them will be written.

Online law school

Step one requires to complete your pre – legal education. Most law students have already completed a bachelor’s degree but California’s minimum requirement is that students complete at least two years of college – level work – 60 semesters credit – with a GPA equal to or above that required for graduation. Completing of your legal education is the next, second step for earning a degree from an online law school. Students may sit for the California Bar if they receive 864 hours of study for each year through correspondence programs that are registered with the committee. It doesn’t accredit online law schools. Instead they allow distance learning schools to register with them if the online schools meet requirements. The third step requires from everyone to register himself as a law student. Before taking any exams, students online must register with the State Bar of California. Step four is connected with passing the first – year law student exams. All the students must pass a four hour test covering basic contracts, torts and criminal law. Receiving of a positive moral character determination is the fifth condition that has to be completed. All the lawyers from California must prove that they have good moral character by undergoing an evaluation from the Committee. You’ll be asked to provide such things as information, references and fingerprints. Step 6 requires from you to pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam. This exam which continues two hours and five minutes will test your understanding of appropriate lawyer conduct. You’ll answer sixty multiple choice questions regarding privilege, contempt, related issues and representation. Passing of the Bar exam is the seventh and last step for earning a degree from online law school. After completing your online law degree fulfilling all the other requirements you may take the Bar Exam. It is offered in February and June each year and features three days of essay questions, practical exercises and multistate components.