A nursing school is such a type of educational institution or part thereof that provides education and training to become a fully qualified nurse. The nature of both nursing qualifications and nursing education varies considerably across the world. One of the pioneers in establishing the idea of nursing schools from the base at ST Thomas Hospital, London was Florence Nightingale in 1860. Then she opened the Nightingale Training school for nurses. She had intended to train nurses to a qualified and specialized level with the key aim of learning to develop observation skills and sensitivity to patient needs and then allow them to work in hospital posts across the United Kingdom and abroad. In many cases in online nursing schools courses are three – year in the UK, with students choosing the branch they want to study from Day one e.g. adult, child, mental health, learning disability or combinations of two which are called dual – field. A balance between course work in classes and practical placement in a health care setting are the things that the courses usually consist of. The first year is foundation and during it students learn anatomy and physiology and basic health care.

Online nursing schools

Many students in United States now study in online nursing schools. The first nursing school, however, was founded a long time ago – in 1873 in New York City. It was founded on the principles of nursing that Florence Nightingale established. One of the earliest nursing schools in USA is the Johns Hopkins School of nursing. It was founded in 1889 in consultation with Nightingale. The first university- based nursing programs is offered for the first time by University of Minnesota. Basic courses in such subjects as biology, physiology and anatomy are required in many online nursing schools. A strong emphasis is placed on procedural education such as insertion of intravenous and urinary catheters, proper administration of medications, sterile dressing changes, caring bedside manner and other vital skills. Students rotate through Obstetricks, Mental Health, Medical, Oncology and others to get a holistic view of nursing and what it encompasses after the first semester basic skills are obtained. Many both nursing students and schools use healthcare and medical educational software as a study or training aid. An accelerated bachelor’s degree is offered often by many schools in nursing program. Accelerated BSN is a variation of the Second Degree BSN. An Accelerated BSN programs will allow students to complete their undergraduate nursing program’s course requirements more quickly than students enrolled in a traditional BSN program in addition to giving you credit for having completed your liberal arts requirements. The program usually takes twelve months to complete though some programs may run for sixteen to twenty – four months. Students in USA graduate form nursing educational programs qualified to take one of the National Council Licensure Examination exams or the NCLEX RN for Registered nurses. Online nursing schools give excellent preparation to all who want to become a professional nurse and to work in the field of health.