Online undergraduate degrees are a colloquial term for an academic degree taken by all the people who have completed undergraduate courses. This kind of degrees is also called first degree, bachelor’s degree or just degree. Institutions of higher education such as universities and colleges usually offer earning of undergraduate degrees online. A bachelor’s degree in United Kingdom is the most common type of undergraduate degree although some of the master’s degrees can be immediately undertaken after finishing secondary education. These courses, however, are extended versions of bachelor’s degree programs which take an additional year to complete. With some notable exceptions such as Medicine that takes five years to complete, most of the bachelor’s degrees take three years to complete. Students can often initially enroll in a four year program that leave after 3 years and be awarded a bachelor’s degree. Online undergraduate degrees can be now earned in many educational institutions such as colleges and universities in all over the world. In most cases such kind of degree gives a wild variety of job options that people can apply for. Furthermore one of the advantages that make people choose it is the convenience to study from home.

Online underfraduate degrees

First professional degrees sometimes contain Doctor but are still consider undergraduate degrees in most of the countries including Canada. In the USA, however, most first professional degrees are considered graduate programs by the US Department of Education and furthermore require students to already possess an undergraduate degree “before admission”. These degrees are not equivalent to the Doctor of Philosophy – PhD and therefore are not research doctorate degrees. In the United States and in Canada an Associate’s degree is a two – year degree. It is occasionally undertaken as the beginning of a four – year degree. Some of the two – years institutions have articulation agreements with four – year institutions which specify which courses transfer without any problems. Virginia’s community college have signed system – wide agreements that allow to the students who graduate from one of the 23 community colleges with a transfer associates degree and a minimum grand point average to obtained guaranteed admission to more than twenty of the Commonwealth’s four – year universities and colleges. Brazil is one more of the countries that also offers earning of online undergraduate degrees. It is necessary to understand the structure of the higher education in the country for a better understanding of education levels in Brazil. The present system there is organized according to the law that establishes both the bases and guidelines for national education. According to their academic organization and the following name are possible, the classification of institutions of higher education happens. The institutions can be University Centers, Universities, Colleges and Institutes, Colleges and Integrated Schools and others. The higher education courses have two different academic levels. They are known as Undergraduate or Past Education. These degrees have subdivisions in which are distributed programs of higher education in Brazil. They may be technologists, licentiates and bachelors for Undergraduate levels.