It is very important for you as a student to participate fully in your online course. You might be cozied up at home in your jammies with a steaming cup of your favorite beverage and the secret of a glowing candle in the air, but that does not mean you can’t participate fully in your courses online. There are five tips you have to follow in order to participate in virtual courses actively, so first of all you have to know more about them. Join the online community – this is the first thing you have to do .Many of the virtual courses require you to participate in chats, discussions and other community events, which is a good thing. All these venues help you get to know your fellow students. Take full advantage of these opportunities, because making friends in class is connected with having people to study with, to ask questions of them and to meet their support in case you need it .Of course, the other four tips are also very important so you don’t have to miss them if you want to be an active participant in your online courses.

Participate fully in your online course

Online messages can be misunderstood – this is the second tip you have to remember. You’ve had enough experience with an email or misunderstood. It is incredibly easy for some messages to be misunderstood when people cannot see facial expressions or hear your tone of voice. The best way to avoid this misfortune is simply to be aware of the possibility. Be careful with your words online, especially in rapid five conversations during chats, which move quickly and apologize sincerely when something goes wrong. Learning of emoticons is the third thing you have to do in order to participate fully in your online course. Emoticons are smiley faces except that almost every emotion is represented, not just smiles. You may have seen angry, embarrassed, confused or lovesick emotions. Some of them are made with keyboard characters and some programs convert the keyboard characters into cute little graphics. Ask questions – the fourth tip that will help you a lot if you want to be a participant in your online course. One of the most important things you can do to ensure learning in any class is to ask questions but it is especially important online where visual cues are usually missing. Always ask a question, when you are not sure what is going on in class. The worse the situation becomes, the longer you remain confused. When questions first occur to you without interrupting the flow of class, ask them. Using of anonymity for confidence is the last fifth tip you have to follow. Online courses might be the perfect venue for you in case you are a shy type. You can participate fully, ask questions and answer questions without anybody looking at you, assuming you are not using camera technology. The anonymity of learning online allows you to be whoever you want to be.