Pierce College online is a flourishing 2-year public institution in Southern California. It provides opportunities for occupational training, lifelong learning and transfer education. The institution is a comprehensive college with almost 100 disciplines being taught to more 21 000 students each semester and it was founded in 1947. It is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges which is a nationally recognized accrediting agency and also the college is one of the 9 colleges in Los Angeles Community College Distinct. The college combines state-of-the-art technology and learning with the picturesque beauty of its rolling hills. The campus’ setting among 2 200 trees, thousands of rose bushes, botanical garden and a forest area boasting giant redwoods makes it unique in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Pierce College online still maintains large sections of tillable and range land preserved as an enclave within a suburban environment, true to its beginning more than sixty-five years ago. A 226-acre farm spans the west side of campus, featuring an equestrian center and sustaining small herds of sheep, goats and cattle. The college is located on 426 acres in the Western San Fernando Valley, nestled next to the thriving center business district of Warner Center

Pierce College online

Peirce College online is setting the pace in community college education and prepares students to take their place or to retain in industries at the forefront of technological advances. To better learning and retention and higher enrollment led the creation of the fifteen-week semester plan. Students are enjoying the opportunity to move more quickly through the curriculum with greater academic success, with 2 five-summer sessions and one-five-week winter session. Many of the students in this college transfer to the University of California system, the California State University System and private universities to earn bachelor’s degrees. The college has one of the highest transfer performances in Southern California. A six-year study released by the State Chancellor’s office in 2013 revealed that the college is among the elite few of California community colleges showing the highest graduation and transfer rates among 112 colleges in the system. It honors students have the enviable record of having never been turned down for admission to the University of California, Los Angeles. Students from the college also transfer to California State University, Northridge in greater numbers than from any other college. The institution prepares its students for academic success after transferring to a university. Pierce students graduated from UCLA with a higher GPA than students from any other transfer college, according to a study by UCLA. Pierce College online combines academic excellence with both friendly and helpful staff and faculty. It has a solid reputation for being a student-friendly institution and offers students high quality and challenging education preparing them both for vocational work and university. Students benefit from smaller class sizes and lower tuition than a 4-year university. The college’s construction program funded by three Los Angeles voter bonds has revitalized the campus moderning the capacity of the physical plant over the last decade.