The accreditation of online schools can be both national and regional, with these types of accreditation that is administered through separate accrediting agencies. All the regionally accredited online schools receive accreditation from one of the six organizations that are specialized in different geographic regions. Such organizations as the Distance Education Training Council give national accreditation of online schools. It is noted for its expertise in accrediting online schools and was originally form to accredit correspondence courses. Any institution in the USA and around the globe can seek accreditation through DETC’s accreditation process while regional accreditation accredits in specific regions only. Through the agency that serves the state where the online school is headquartered online schools may receive regional accreditation. Accreditation is a voluntary process during which institutions open their curricula, financial accounts and facilities to accrediting agencies for inspection to ensure that both the educational policies and operates meet agency standards. Online schools may seek regional accreditation in part to facilitate transfer of credits between such schools that have all met the same standards for academic rigor. Many of the regionally accredited online schools won’t accept transfer credits from a nationally accredited school that does not also have regional accreditation.

Regionally accredited online schools

All the traditional and online schools receive accreditation in two main ways. The first one is institutional accreditation which looks at the entire university or college and the second one is programmatic accreditation. This kind of accreditation focuses on a particular program in such subjects as business or chemical engineering. Institutional accreditation involves confirming that a school has sufficient resources of information – for example journal subscriptions and libraries and student service as well as a qualified faculty of sufficient size and policies to protect your interests in case of problems or dispute. It also requires typically a record of both successful and graduated students. Programmatic accreditation widely varies. Colleges, schools and universities online have different needs for the programs they provide and the students they serve, so the standards for chemical engineering will be much different from early childhood education. It is possible for each school to be accredited as an institution and not have specific accreditation for individual departments. For example regionally accredited online schools that are specialized in business education may offer math courses without accreditation in mathematics. Regional online school accreditation is valid always when you are taking courses form a school in your area. You may have the option to take some of the courses on – campus and you’ll also have access to their both brick – and – mortar facilities and libraries. Schools with national accreditation are usually specialized either by focusing on a particular trade or vocation or on theological study. All the regionally accredited online schools and these with national accreditation is better to receive it because it is a way that a particular school, college or university teaches meaningful courses that give you both skills and knowledge relevant to the field you are studying. Accredited online educational institutions allow you to transfer credits to other online and offline schools easily.