Shasta college online opens its first campus in 1950. This is the year of Shasta Country and California. There were twenty – six original faculty members. The college was honored to hear the President Harry Truman speak at the college’s Thompson field on October 3, 1952. It extends its cultural, recreational and educational both services and facilities to all the people in Shasta. An eight – member Board of Trustless represents the Shasta – Tehama – Trinity Joint Community College District. It includes a non – voting Student Trustee. The college was found as part of the Shasta Union High School District in 1948. The campus was originally a trading and fur center of the Winty Indians and it was owned by a soldier and his family later after the Mexican – American War. The college grew rapidly and in 1964 voters approved a bond issue for construction of a 337-arce campus at the main campus location. Before its successful development, however, it opened its doors on Eureka Way in the fall of 1950 with 256 day students. Shasta college online is now part of the California Community College system which is the largest system in the world for higher education. The system includes 112 colleges which are organized into seventy – two districts.

Shasta college online

Shasta college online provides students of diverse interests, backgrounds and abilities with open success to life – long and educational learning opportunities, thereby contributing to the cultural, economic and social development of the region of the college. The District offers programs and extensive distance education offerings in both transfer curriculum and general education and also in career – technical education and basic skill education where the students are provided opportunities to improve and practice such things as critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, effective communication, information competency, workplace skills, community and global awareness and self – efficacy. This educational institution is some kind of comprehensive community college with campuses not only in Shasta but also Tehama and Trinity Countries. It offers students a unique educational experience. Thanks to the small class size faculty can provide personalized hands – on training and instruction. The college is also committed to provide access to the latest information technology. Everyone can take courses to transfer to a four – year institution, complete a career program or simply take a class for personal enrichment. The main goal of the college is to turn your goals into reality. If you want to transfer in a four – year institution the college can give you the start you need. The college is a leader in Northstate Higher Education and also part of the largest community college system in the world. Some of the things that college offers and are available for all the students are professional and helpful staff, administrators and faculty, nearby outdoor recreation and shopping, Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree, instructions from highly qualified and acclaimed faculty and others. Rewarding and productive student experience can be ensured by utilizing the support services provided by Shasta college online.