All the students who take University of Wisconsin Colleges online courses also known as uw colleges online courses can earn an Associate of Science and Art Degree, and or take classes for other individual reasons and complete their requirements for other degree programs. These colleges offer everyone these same opportunities entirely online from anywhere including school, home, traveling afar or work. The uw colleges AAS degree fulfils the college, university – wide, school and general education breath requirements for most bachelor’s degree programs. It is also widely accepted by other such institutions like these both within and beyond the University of Wisconsin System. UW colleges online adheres to the Guidelines for Distance Education espoused by the North Central Association Commission on institutions of Higher Education and are fully accredited by a Commission of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Higher Learning Commission. The professors from the colleges teach all courses because they are hired for expertise in their subject areas. This kind of courses is the same that are both taught and developed by the professors who teach in UW Colleges classrooms. High academic standards of the University of Wisconsin together with quality reputation back up every online course offered.

UW colleges online

The main goal of uw colleges online is to create such kind of educational community that is inclusive and furthermore affirms the value, uniqueness, dignity and contributions of each person. The colleges strive to maintain such an environment that cultivates freedom of expression and open exchange of ideas while fostering understanding and respect of differences in others. The educational environment is enhanced by the diversity of groups, individuals and cultures that come together to both learn and contribute to their community. In learning community of this educational institution there is no place for verbal, graphic, written or physical conduct of a discriminatory nature that substantially interferes what a student’s educational opportunities or experiences denies a student equal access to educational resources and opportunities or creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile working or learning environment. Harassment or discrimination based upon the sex, race, gender identity or expression, religion, creed. Color, sexual orientation, disability, ancestry, national origin or age of an individual or individuals against or by students, facility or staff, are not tolerated. UW Colleges online offer a flexible convenient way to continue or commence your college education. Students can earn the Associate of Arts and Science Degree, a great foundation for a bachelor’s degree or take general education courses to apply toward other degree programs. Engaging in college credit courses over the Internet and completing a course within a specific semester timeframe that typically lasts about fifteen weeks are two of the numerous advantages that give the colleges. Other things that the students can do anytime is to connect to courses from a computer linked to the Internet and work online reading lecture notes, checking assignment due dates, submitting course work and communicating with their professor one – on –one.