There are two educational institutions which are called university of Maryland. One of the most famous and popular is this located in College park. The university was founded in 1856 and is the flagship institution of the University System of Maryland. It is considered a public Ivy institution meaning it is a public university with such quality of education that is comparable to those of the private Ivy League. The institution is a member of Association of American Universities and also a founding member of the Atlantic Coast Conference athletic league. The University of Maryland’s proximity to the nation’s capital has resulted in strong research partnerships with the Federal Government. A lot of the members of the faculty receive research funding and institutional support from such agencies as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Institute of Health and many others. The university is the largest not only in the state but also in the Washington Metropolitan Area. This university has long story and furthermore was fired on November 29 1912. A fire probably due to the faulty electric wiring broke out in the attic of the newest administration building. All the eighty students evacuated themselves safely.

University of Maryland online

University of Maryland online may refer to this located in College park or to this in Baltimore. This in College park hosts Living and Learning programs which allow to all the students with similar academic interests to live in the same residential community, take specialized courses and also to perform research in those areas of expertise. The University Honors College is an example. It is geared toward students with exceptional academic talents. It welcomes students into a community of faculty and intellectually gifted undergraduates committed to acquiring a broad and balanced education. Digital Cultures and Creativity is one of the six University of Maryland online Living and Learning programs that are offered to incoming honors – leveled students. This program is currently directed by technologically focused interdisciplinary artist Hasan Elahi and started five years ago – in 2009. The program is run by distinguished faculty and graduate students. The College Park Scholar programs are two year living and learning programs for first – and second – year students. They are selected to enroll in one of 12 thematic programs. They live together in dorms that are located in the Cambridge Community on North Campus. The faculty of the university has included four Nobel Prize winners. It also has a big number of notable academics in other fields of science. In 2004 on October 14, the University added 150 acres in an attempt to create the largest research park inside the Washington. D. C. It completed construction on a new National Center for Weather and Climate Prediction on site in M square – the name of the research center. Another program that the university offers is QUEST. It is about engaging of undergraduate students from engineering, business and physical, computer and mathematical science. The program focuses on quality management and teamwork.